Monday, October 06, 2003

More on my 9-year-old son. His name, by the way, is Alex.

He's interested in learning web design, so I've begun teaching him HTML basics. Really basic web design is not very difficult - if you've ever had an interest in making your own webpage, but felt it was too difficult, I really encourage you to lose that consideration.

Advanced web design -- well, that's another story. But no one ever starts learning anything advanced until they master the basics.

There are lots of great resources for learning basic HTML. I recommend a book called "HTML 4 Unleashed" which can be ordered from Amazon. Cost: $59.99 from Amazon. This book contains a lot of advanced information, but it covers all the basic commands in an easily understood manner.

Also, when embarking on any new study, I would also use "The Technology of Study from the Scientology Handbook"
by L. Ron Hubbard. Cost is: $3.50 from Amazon. This will help you get past any barriers you run into in understanding the material you study.

There are also some really good websites out there for learning the basics. And some free website hosting companies (like Tripod, Geocities, and iVillage) have programs you can use without having to know HTML at all!

If you use one of those programs, just know that you should, at some point, learn the HTML basics. That will give you much more freedom in designing your site.