Thursday, October 23, 2003

Drug Abuse

Many addicts go through one rehab program after another only to relapse
time and again. Is there a real solution?

Finally, there's a way to help people who have a drug problem that
really works!

I saw a story last night on a news program, about a homeschooled boy who wrote a science fiction/fantasy book. His family self-published it, then drove around with a mini-van full of copies, and sold them at schools and other places.

He just got a contract in the "mid-6-figures" (around $500,000?!) from a publisher.

He graduated from high school at, I believe, 15. And then wrote the book and has been selling it. Now he's 20, and with the new contract for another book, the announcer said, "college will have to wait."

I thought that was hilarious. The idea being... "well, if he doesn't go to college, how will his future be secured? He won't know how to do anything!"

Obviously, it isn't true.

The nice thing about homeschooling, is that a child's true genius and area of special ability, can be encouraged, promoted, and pursued. In school, all children must be mediocre in all areas. If a child wants to spend all day studying fractions, they can do that at home. It's in their own control. If they are in school, there is no choice. You learn to not care about learning. It's all up to the "authorities" and they say you can't study fractions right now...

I really hated that aspect of school as a child, and I am glad my children don't have to experience that.