Friday, December 12, 2003

Check out this website about raising responsible children.

I think many parents don't realize the importance of full tummies in terms of keeping kids happy and able to learn easily.

When kids are hungry, they just don't learn!

I have really relied on the Adelle Davis book, "Let's Have Healthy Children". You may be able to find it in a used book store some place.

We use her recipe for pep-up regularly. This is, basically, a fruit smoothie made with a banana or orange juice, milk, vanilla, powdered milk (for extra protein), a pastuerized raw egg, lecithin granules, wheat germ, flaxseeds, calcium & magnesium powder, protein powder, kelp, vitamin e, etc.

Basically, I add what I think we need most at the time, using the basic pep-up formula as a base.

The kids have this for their "first" breakfast in the morning. An hour later we'll have oatmeal or eggs.

This really seems to energize us all.

You can find Adelle Davis' books in this list:

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