Thursday, December 18, 2003

The kids attended a tree lighting ceremony this evening. I didn't go with them, but I heard all about it. They had a visit from Santa Claus, and thought that was just great!

He gave them some matching card games - concentration, is what we called it when I was a kid - those games are so good for kids!

When we study Esperanto, we make flashcards of animals, plants, etc. We use one picture, and then the word, and the game is to match up the thing to the Esperanto word.

This is great fun!

I think Esperanto is a really great language to teach the kids, because it really gives them an easy foreign language to learn first - rather than jumping from a difficult language (English) to another difficult language (like French.) It's simply making it a simpler gradient. So, they learn Esperanto, then French (or Russian or Spanish, or whatever) is easier for them.

In Scientology Study Technology this is referred to as lowering the gradient. Really, it's just common sense - keep it easy, one step to the next. You can read about it at Study Technology