Saturday, May 06, 2006

One of my sons is a big gardener. He loves everything to do with plants. He is also interested in building - perhaps he'll become a landscape architect or something.

Today he is planting his tomato and cucumber plants outside. I also gave him my tulip bulbs and asked him to plant those for me as well.

He is the kind of kid who gets interested in something and really gets into it. I bought him some origami books a few years ago - he is extremely talented and makes origami all the time. He can make hundreds of things. He is a terrific artist - and has painted many paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolors. It's just wonderful - his work hangs all over our house.

By the time he's an adult he will have these talents and this knowledge that only comes from experience and exploring a subject on one's own.

I'm so proud of him!