Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I think it's really important to teach children about people who really help make a difference in the world.

One group is the Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers. Scientology Volunteer Ministers are there in times of need, helping people with whatever is most needed. For instance, after the World Trade Center disaster, the Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers were there for months, working side by side with the firefighters and other rescue workers.

Another is Youth for Human Rights International. This is a group that is teaching children around the world about the importance of human rights.

One man who has done a great deal of good for the world is David Miscavige.

"Learning How to Learn" is an excellent tool for teaching children how to study.

Even adults can use this information.

It covers study problems like "why do I forget something right after I've read it?", "What is the difference between memorization and learning?", "How do I make my child interested in learning?"

This is our FIRST study reference. It is the most important tool we have in our schoolroom, next to the dictionary.

How to Study