Saturday, May 29, 2004

Today I've got a list of chores planned for the whole family.

I've found that with my younger kids, playing a "cleaning game" helps get them motivated. If we keep it fun, they're so much more willing to help!

Also, when it's the entire family cleaning it goes so much faster - and even the littlest kids are proud to be part of it.

I found a great article about homeschooling and getting kids to help:

How to Get Your Kids to Help and Avoid Homeschool Burnout

Also, there is a really good booklet about handling children. This booklet covers a lot of areas of child rearing, but has a section on working with a child's willingness that eliminates the need for FORCE in child rearing. Instead, it gives tools for working WITH children. This has been very helpful to me as a parent.

Here's my guide to Raising Happy & Healthy Children at Amazon.

And a website about Raising Responsible Children.