Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I'm creating a directory of great and valuable links. I thought I'd post my partial list here!

Scientology Helping Children

Scientology Artist from Clearwater Pledges to Help the Children

Scientology Volunteer Ministers: We're Here to Help You

Applied Scholastics

Scientology Philosophy: How to Live with Children

Educational Quotes

Scientology materials on raising a child

Scientology Books for Parents/Helping Children with Scientology

'”What do Scientology texts say about a child’s rights?”

Scientology Materials on Children and Parents

Working with a Child’s Willingness

The Children's Communication Course, Courtesy of Churches of Scientology

The Child's Goal: Article based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard

RehabilitateNZ / Scientology Self-Help

Scientology: How Do I Learn About Scientology? Index

Scientology Handbook: Children

Scientology Resource Directory - Helping People: Children

Other Advice, Help & Programs for Children

Homeschoolmum Reviews


Live and Grow

Helping Kids

Children of the State - Freedom Magazine

Young Volunteer

To Handle Drugs

Building a Better World

Human Rights & Esperanto

Blogs Helping Children

Homeschoolmum Reviews

Helping Kids

Big Happy Family

I Like to Help

Recommended books by Homeschoolmum:



And Guides:




To find other homeschoolers in your area, check out:



Peace & A Better World

Association for Peace & Understanding in the Middle East

Peace Sunday

Concerned Businessmen's Association of America

The Way to Happiness - Set a Good Example Contest

The Way to Happiness - Contests

The Way to Happiness - Internet Essay Contest

The Way to Happiness - Communities Program

The Way to Happiness Foundation International

Fun Stuff

Celebrity Voices

Personal Websites of Scientologists

Kid Universe

Jane's Pages

Attachment Parenting

Karina Jones

Tara Thompson

Jenny Johnson

Jane James

Bill Dougherty

Craig Jensen

Craig Bader

Kids Pages

Sadie's Pics

Sadie's Acting Resume