Sunday, May 30, 2004

While in Los Angeles, we saw Grounded for Life starring Lynsey Bartilson. We saw her perform several times when she was a young girl, as part of Kids on Stage for a Better World.

My kids really enjoy watching other children perform - they find it inspirational. I really like taking them to community performances, school concerts, and that sort of thing.

One thing that is missing in our culture, I believe, is the experience of seeing one's friends performing. Now, we hear professionals on the radio, on tv, on stage... but how often do we really enjoy seeing our family and friends perform?

One of the sweetest performances I ever saw was when my step-sister and her 11-year-old daughter played their violins for us. It was a very amateur performance - they neither one of them played well - but that made it even sweeter. I was very proud that they were willing to share this with me.

For our family, the kids put on plays, we sing songs, some are learning to play keyboards and guitar, we read aloud, recite poetry, and play charades. I think these are great activities for pulling our family together - and so much more pleasant than television!