Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Speaking of websites, I have a personal website that I just threw together one day, using an iVillage template. Then I added a little more to it, then a little more, and now I have a site I'm very happy with.

I think it's great for homeschoolers to have personal websites. Because homeschooling is such an individual action, we aren't always as visible as we ought to be, I think.

Most people may know a family who homeschools - or may have heard of a family that homeschools. But there are over a million homeschooling families in the US. Every non-homeschooler I have mentioned that to seems surprised. They had no idea.

So, one answer, I think, is to communicate! And the internet is such a great tool for homeschoolers, most of us have computers with internet connections, and we already know how important it is to us to find those things we need.

So -- if you homeschool, make a website! Start at iVillage or Geocities or Tripod if you've never made a site before. Send me your link and I'll post it here.

Good luck!