Saturday, July 03, 2004

My mother is 76 years old. She was married several times, and this past year she lost two ex-husbands. She wasn't still close to either of them, but I think the losing of them was difficult - she is more aware than ever of her own mortality and the loss of history to future generations.

Obviously this is not a new thing for people to face - but it is new to me, as my father has died, and my mother is ailing.

So, she started telling stories about the past. Sharing what she knows of American history this past century.

She's been talking about Kennedy (she was a reluctant Kennedy girl). She's talked about Eisenhower (the most honest President ever, in her opinion) and Truman (a "little man"). She's told me about rationing in World War II, and the canning her mother did. The animals they had on their little farm, so they had an excess of ration stamps. She even still has some old ration books she's kept all these years.

Perhaps it's the war that has so much of her attention on World War II. She has a good head on her shoulders regarding politics - I always love to hear her viewpoint on these things.

I should see if she'll start a blog. That would be nice, I think.