Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Last summer we camped at Malibu Creek State Park. I really recommend it for anyone in Southern California. It's close to LA, and unfortunately close enough to still hear a bit of traffic..! However, it is a large park, with miles of hiking trails. The trails are well kept, and can even be traversed in a wheelchair or bicycle. There is a nice little visitor's center with lots of information about the wildlife.

The park boasts lynx, mountain lions, eagles, tons of rabbits, deer, etc.

There is a large lake that we didn't make it to (I think it was 5 miles, and we had a toddler in tow), but there is a creek with a nice swimming hole close to the campground.

It is also within hiking distance of the Reagan ranch. Which would be a really nice place to visit, although we didn't get there ourselves.

If we visit the park again, we'll be sure to stop there, though!

MASH, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and The Planet of the Apes were all filmed at the park, when it belonged to a studio. It has since been given to the state, for the park.

I thought it was a great oasis in the middle of Southern California.