Thursday, June 24, 2004

Learning How to Learn, written by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology and a prolific writer of fiction and poetry himself, is one of the most important books in our homeschooling curriculum. As a teacher and a parent, I really needed to understand how children process data, and I got that from this book. The children themselves study this book as soon as they are reading, and learning to APPLY it. The magic is all in application, as to learn how to do something, yet not to use that information, is just a waste of education. So they apply the learning methods from this book, and they are, as a result, more literate.

As a result, my children are highly literate. Many adults have commented to me over the years, how surprising it is when they are speaking with one of my kids, and the child stops and asks, "that word you just used..... what does it mean?" They'll ask! Even as young as 2 years old, they learn from us and their siblings, how important it is to truly understand what you're reading or hearing, and they'll ask what things mean.

Using a dictionary properly is not something taught in most schools. I didn't learn it. It's not just understanding what the symbols in the dictionary mean - that's important too - but truly knowing how to find the correct definition of a word, and to fully understand it.

Once the kids have learned this technique, and actually used it for a while, it becomes like second nature.

We NEVER study without a dictionary to hand. I even use a dictionary when reading fiction books now. I've always loved the classics, and now I can fully understand them when I read them. :-)

I recommend this book to EVERY parent!