Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I was talking with a woman recently who has problems in her marriage. Her husband keeps cheating on her - and she has cheated on him, too! They just can't seem to see how destructive these activities are. As if infidelity won't hurt if the spouse doesn't find out...!

Once my husband had a coworker who frequented stripper bars. He wanted to take my husband to one. My husband declined, and the guy told him, "Oh, come on, your wife will never know." My husband told him, "But I will know!"

It wasn't too unexpected when the guy had an affair, and then divorced his wife.

He really thought that if his wife didn't find out, his activities wouldn't hurt the marriage. What he didn't realize was that HE had everything to do with creating his marriage, and when he was committing these destructive acts against his marriage and against his wife, it would hurt HIM, and hurt his marriage.

How sad!

Here's a site about Marriage Help.