Friday, March 05, 2004

This is from an email I received from the Concerned Businessmens Association of America

We are petitioning the President of the United States to adopt a
Proclamation that looks to set June 2004 as the first Annual National "Good Example" Moral Education Month.:

"This Petition Supports the Proclamation Requesting that June 2004 is
proclaimed as the first Annual National "Good Example" Moral Education
Month, reaffirming our nation's continuing commitment to help reduce and
eventually eliminate drug abuse, crime, violence, brutality, illiteracy,
child abuse and other social ills from our homes, schools, neighborhoods,
and communities, thus helping to lay the foundation for a peaceful world by
treating others the way we want to be treated by them and setting the
example here at home in our own country. "

To read the whole Proclamation, AND sign the petition, please click on this

(We already have signatures from 125 Congressmen and 49 Governors.)