Monday, November 24, 2003

More on public schools.

Government-run education is a new beast. It didn't exist, really, before the mid 19th century. This is when psychologists and psychiatrists realized it would be a great tool for controlling an entire civilization.

"The Liepzieg Connection", available from Heron Books delves into the psychiatric influence on mass education. Very interesting reading, and I highly recommend it.

I think some people equate the old one-room schoolhouse in the pioneer days with government-run education. In actuality, it was the parents themselves who supported the school, selected the teachers, and actually had control over what was taught and how. They built the school, which sometimes doubled as a church and community meeting place. They paid the teacher out of their own household budgets, and they often housed the teacher in their own homes, taking turns. They gave their share of the firewood, and their kids brought their own slates.

In the large cities, like New York City, there were no huge public schools, not until the late 19th century.

People had many ways of teaching their children. They didn't turn them over the government. This is such a new concept. But people seem to be incredibly stupid on this idea. "How are homeschoolers trained to teach kids?" "Who governs homeschooling?" "How are your kids socialized?"

It's ridiculous that something so new can seem so vital to survival of mankind.

Our founding fathers were homeschooled. Einstein, Edison, Bell, Mead, were all homeschooled. Mark Twain, Jane Austen, D.H. Lawrence. I could go on and on.

Make a list of the inventors, writers, philosophers, religious leaders, scientists, humanitarians, whom you most respect from history. Then do a little research and see which ones were homeschooled.

This will be enlightening, I guarantee it!

Separation of School & State